About Us

Green Mountain Glass, LLC is a small company of six to eight employees solely owned by Mark Ledvina. Our facility has approximately five thousand square feet of floor space located in Charlestown, New Hampshire. Our company was formed in 1995 with the purpose of providing high-end glass products for the millwork industry.

Green Mountain Glass is primarily a manufacturer of small lite, narrow sightline, insulated glass units for custom true divided lite windows and doors. We produce the highest quality of small lite, narrow sightline insulated glass in the industry. Because of carefully executed processes, we also offer some of the longest warranties in the industry. Green Mountain Glass currently produces approximately 11,000 insulated glass units per year and has the capacity to produce more.

Green Mountain Glass is also a supplier of numerous types of Restoration Glasses for the Restoration market. GMG supplies these handmade products as insulated glass units, custom laminated, custom laminated insulated glass units, or simply as just the glass.

With a background firmly rooted in window sash restoration, GMG supplies glazing services to our customers as well as to the local community. These services are scheduled only when they do not interfere with regular production. GMG does not provide total sash restoration and limits this area to supplying glass puttying services and miscellaneous glazing services including glass replacement, screening, storm sashes and weather stripping.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all Green Mountain Glass customers who have helped us to become the company we are today and to invite all new customers to take advantage of the very fine services we offer. Feel free to call to discuss your project anytime. If we can help you, we will. For high-end windows and doors to look their best your choice is clearly Green Mountain Glass!