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Insulated Glass Units

There are two basic types of insulated glass units which are fabricated at Green Mountain Glass, LLC. The first is the dual seal-silicone/PIB unit which has a much greater longevity than IG units fabricated with other types of sealants used with metal spacers. GMG routinely stocks many choices in clear and colored anodized spacers as well as mill finish and white painted spacers. Different color spacers are sometimes not available in all sizes, but GMG will consider stocking any size for substantial orders.

The second type is a reverse dual seal IG unit made with warm edge Superspacer. This spacer product is made of a type of foam and promotes less conductivity of cold through the spacer. GMG routinely stocks gray, white and black in several different sizes of each.

Green Mountain Glass exceeds common practices and quality in the careful construction of our IG units. GMG uses high strength butyl (which outlasts other more commonly used PIB and hot melts), the highest quality silicone secondary seal, the highest quality of tempered glass, and washes both surfaces of the glass in the unit before assembly. Our glass is always cut precisely to size and correctly aligned for a proper fit into the glazing cavity. GMG sightlines are always straight and true. Careful application of PIB onto metal spacers maintains tight sightlines for quality work.