GMG typically warranties its metal spacer and Superspacer narrow sightline units, one square foot or less, for 10 years against seal failure.

Many things should be considered when evaluating a warranty. Some of them are related to the age of the glass fabricating company, the commitment of a glass company to its business as measured by their gross assets, the specific history of a company when they have been called upon to correct errors and most importantly, the techniques and materials with which a company constructs its IG units. It is our firm belief that the true loser in a seal failure is not the glass company that warranties the unit but the millwork company who will ultimately spend too many hours replacing even one piece of glass on location. And it is the millwork company who must bear disproportionate brunt of the problem.

Green Mountain Glass addresses warranty issues by utilizing the most logical, sometimes more difficult, and often more expensive techniques and materials in the fabrication of our IG units.